NFL Draft

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Feb 6, 2007
No, you're in the fantasy selective memory thread. I was confused at first also.
Surely the first time in history that a draft prospect prediction has changed over the course of a year's time....:derp:

Like I said, my prediction was always about round 4-5 leading up to the draft. When the OAN shirt stuff happened, I assumed it would be a bigger deal, and could lead to a lot of teams balking at taking him at all. Then it kinda went away for the most part. Then he had a down year, which I thought would drop him from a higher round to a mid round, so I landed on round 5 just before the draft, and was one round off.


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Nov 19, 2007
Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
My stance was always predicting round 3-5, and was leaning towards round 5 right up to draft day, but wouldn't have been surprised to see him fall some *if* NFL owners were somehow upset by his social media stir. That's all I was trying to say. But of course you'll interpret it however you want in your desperate attempt to maintain your internet tough guy perception.
Tell me more about being an Internet tough guy, guy who went behind and negged a bunch of comments.
And you never made a prediction that I can find. Even when asked directly.... If you did, and I missed it, then please point it out.
I didn’t make a prediction because I didn’t know. I didn’t need to add my voice to the a capella of wrong predictions you were singing.