New National Political Party Formed - The Forward Party

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Aug 2, 2010
Oklahoma City
Bruh. The original post said: I hope their leaders truly attempt to build through consensus and not fear-mongering and divisiveness.

Yang is the leader of this new party. He was a democrat so I discussed his relationship with the Democratic party. I didn't bring up other political parties because we were discussing Yang and how he operates. I don't know how to make that any simpler.

If it makes you feel any better, people on the right that join the new party will need to not engage in ad hominem attacks or blanket Trump support (obvious, since R's are now essentially just Trump acolytes). Better?
Dozens of former Republican and Democratic officials announced on Wednesday a new national political third party to appeal to millions of voters they say are dismayed with what they see as America's dysfunctional two-party system.

The new party, called Forward and whose creation was first reported by Reuters, will initially be co-chaired by former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang and Christine Todd Whitman, the former Republican governor of New Jersey. They hope the party will become a viable alternative to the Republican and Democratic parties that dominate U.S. politics, founding members told Reuters.

The party, which is centrist, has no specific policies yet. It will say at its Thursday launch: "How will we solve the big issues facing America? Not Left. Not Right. Forward."
Bruh the party was started by both former Democrats and Republicans not just Yang. They are sick of both side not just the Crazy left.