NCAA Denies OSU Basketball Appeal

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Feb 18, 2009
The whole issue here is...this is not a sentence handed down from a court of law. Instead this is the NCAA giving a decision. In a court room (99% of the time) precedence matters in a HUGE way and if a decision is given that doesn't follow suit with previous or future decisions then eyebrows get raised and there ARE things that can been done.

The NCAA is more like a parent that whips the 10 year old boy for saying a cuss word but the 8 year old little girl only has to sit with her nose in the corner. The little boy will ask, "why didn't susie-Q get a whipping"? And we all know what the parent says to that....because susie-Q isn't you. And there's nothing the little man can do about it lol.

oSu is not Kansas and the NCAA is not a court of law. That's why were probably just screwed.
Agree 1000%. I hate it as much as anyone but I don’t see any recourse at this point that is a realistic opportunity to change anything. In this case, we’re the 10 year old. Demanding an answer, apology or explanation from the parent most likely results in another whipping.


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Jun 28, 2007
Question was “what should we do when Kansas gets a lesser penalty?”

Answer is absolutely nothing. Which is exactly what I said. Twice.

Its a simple business decision. Is what it is, don’t have to like it but it’s the correct decision. Who is complaining?
Who hasn't complained?

We should either do something constructive or propose constructive improvements or stop complaining.

There have already been some changes at the NCAA, they are far far from being where they should be.

They already have issues being insured because of legal battles.

My biggest question has been why don't the university president and ADs put more effort into fixing a broken system, at least in regards to enforcement of rules.