Murdaugh (pronounced Murdock) Murder Mystery

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Feb 7, 2005
Sammamish, Washington.Dallas, Texas.Maui, Hawaii
So I started paying attention to the SC attorney whose wife and son were murdered back a year ago.

In that time, a young lady from that area and a recent KU grad, started a pod cast by the title of this thread. Went all the way to #1 on Apple Podcasts.

She was already in a 2 year investigation of this family because of the now deceased sons’ previous fatal boat crash.

This family is a prominent one and over a 100 years of local dominance in politics and law.

I encourage those of you interested in how things really work in the 2 tier legal system to take a listen. SC is a horrible place to be on the wrong side of power tripping narcissists.

The podcast starts slow since it’s her first try but it gets quite good by 3rd episode.

This young lady single handedly brought this guy down, 2 other attorneys, a bank president and there will be many more on up to the federal level. Murder. Politics. Drug running. It’s got it all.

And it’s all just now getting started.