Mike Boynton Extension

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Aug 31, 2016
League will be down for sure which is why I said fourth is in play. Maybe better if MAM and Rondell make similar strides as AA did. Boone twins can keep improving as well.

We know Kansas will be good. Baylor should not be as good but still pretty darn good if they can keep some of that core and some guards.West Virginia will be solid. Tech is now in trouble. Texas will have lost a lot but who knows with the portal what Beard can do there. K State will be much improved. OU will drop a notch unless new guy works some portal magic. TCU will be about the same. Iowa State will be bad I think

Fixed it meant to say MAM and Walker improving similarly to how AA did from freshman to sophomore year.
Oct 30, 2007
Coach Underwood wanted a 6 year $18 million contract after 1 year of success and we passed.

Coach Boynton wanted a 7 year $21 million contract after 1 year of success and we accepted.

I may get ripped for saying this, but I don't like the contract. He definitely deserved the raise, but 7 years is a long time to be tied to a coach prior to having sustained success. We're going to be in a world of hurt if we fall back down to an NIT level without Cade Cunningham. I certainly hope my fears are unwarranted though, because I want to see Coach Boynton and this program have sustained success as much as anyone.

We just placed a bet with a significant amount of risk. I hope it pays off.

Congrats Coach Boynton, and Go Pokes!
Boynton has been here 4 years not one. that is time to get to know him see how he develops the program and how he represents the university. not only not apples to apples not even fruit to fruit.

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