Men's Golf Regional Karsten Creek

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Sep 12, 2018
OU is currently sitting in 10th place after 1 round at the Albacracky regional. They are only 4 or 5 shots off the cut line so they don't have a whole lot of ground to make up right now.
Aug 16, 2012
Will they take the highest 5 teams after 54 holes if the weather denies a full 54 holes? Hopefully the course won't be too wet to wrap up play tomorrow, but was just wondering what the protocol would be if it did.
As a potential precedent,

The ladies golf regional in Baton Rouge last week played exactly 0 holes. All rounds cancelled. The top 5 teams based on national ranking going into the event were moved on to the championship. Same with the top 3 individual that were not on the top 5 teams. My guess....they will base it on any completed rounds or if none are completed, pull a Baton Rouge. Either way we are set.
Aug 16, 2012
Due to impending rain, 36 holes were played today. Cowboys looking good. No idea if the third round will be played tomorrow or Wednesday as originally scheduled.



Goodwin of SMU leads the individual at 133 with a kid from Sam Houston State carding a 138 for second.
Oct 26, 2003
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
There's controversy in the Stillwater Regional. Apparently a SHSU player isn't able to play today due to close contact with COVID. He tested negative himself but his roommate and 6th player for SHSU tested positive. If twitter is to be believed, he should have been allowed to play alone to keep everyone safe and still help his team out. SHSU is obviously on the bubble here and he was their low scorer at -6 going into today. SHSU is down to just 4 playing today, currently. IF SHSU didnt make it, he was in line to make it as an individual. But that is also not a potential now. VERY unfortunate situation for him and his team.