Men’s Golf NCAA championships

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Dec 7, 2006
How many rounds do they play before match play?
Four. The field is cut to 15 teams after Sunday and then the eight match play teams are decided after play Monday. I believe quarters and semis are Tuesday and the championship match is Wednesday. The individual champion is determined after 72 holes conclude Monday.
Sep 1, 2007
Denver, CO
Very impressed with the team. I felt they were still missing another top tier player but Jin has really stepped up and they have a real chance to win another natty. Of course everything resets with the match play but this team has been playing like it’s the best team in the country for a couple months.


A/V Subscriber
Jun 25, 2011
Anyone heading out to Grayhawk today to watch? I'm heading over. I have a friend who is a marshal in the tournament. On the first day she saved the boys a stroke because she found the first ball he played after he had hit his provisional. She said the coach and player were very appreciative and she was impressed with them. Not sure which player it was though.