Matt Rhule - Baylor Salary

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Oct 16, 2003
With Matt Rhule set to take the Carolina Panthers job after one of the more impressive rebuilds in recent college football, one of the more attractive jobs in the Big 12 is now open.
For the past few weeks, the whisper in the profession has been that Baylor is likely to target Arkansas State’s Blake Anderson, Louisiana-Lafayette’s Billy Napier or former North Carolina head coach Larry Fedora if they go the external route. If they plan to promote from within, one would think Joey McGuire would be the guy.
The two other names we’ve heard mentioned as potential candidates are Seth Littrell and Hugh Freeze.

Hugh Freeze would be priceless. And so appropriate


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Nov 27, 2004
Edmond Oklahoma
Man, he must've really wanted out of Baylor to walk away from that. They said it was between Baylor and the NY Giants because he had a connection to the Giants and then he up and takes the unrelated Carolina job.
Oct 30, 2007
Jul 9, 2011
Hmm... I would question the validity of this information. It's reported that he only made a little over $1M in 2017, and a little over $4M per year after he signed a new contract.
Baylor is a private school, so while we know Rhule’s salary ($4,113,734) and where it ranks among coaches nationally (26th), his max bonus and even his buyout are unavailable.
I added bold. The $4 million is his base. He could have a good bonus package and they have been good the last couple of years, so yes, total compensation of $7 million is not out of the question. They are listing Gundy as somebody they could hire away, so yeah they pay well.

Makes me throw up a little that they think they would be a step up for an established HC at OSU.


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Jun 24, 2005
If Gundy were to take this job. Which he wouldn't. But IF he did, I would literally poop in a box and send it to him once a year until retirement.

And then maybe 2 more years.