Majorie Taylor Greene Thread

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Sep 16, 2004
How did someone NOT throw the bakery case back in her face after she said that??
Because we believe in vaccination.

If we microdose her with logic, we know she’ll eventually become inoculated. Instead, we’re going to build up logic until the viral load is substantial enough to kill her career.
Sep 6, 2012
You might want to read the article to get the full story.
I know a lot of what happened. They have been talking about it since last Friday, and most of the people talking about are extremely connected to the ski industry. Patagonia never made a statement about it, they wanted it to stay as quiet as possible. A reporter is the person that brought it to light when they asked for comment. I realize Jim J, and Greene are hot topics for the left. I could care less greene , jordan and the like. Wyoming is also a very conservative state. JH also just opened a new REI, so guess who will benefit?
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Dec 16, 2019
Arcteryx is my brand of choice. I just never have been a fan of Patagonia ski gear for fit and wear.
I really like Arcteryx too, I have a good fall jacket from them, I would put them above North Face anyday of the week. Maybe it is because I associate North Face with fraternity and sororities for the most part. Not all bad people of course, but I had my fair share of 'experiences' in college from frat bros on the strip.