KSU at OSU baseball

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Nov 14, 2010
Cabbi has struggled for large parts of his career, but he is still a huge threat.

It has allowed Josh to space out our table setters better.

So....you have strike out guys followed by guys that grind.

Vs all you table setters being at the top of your lineup, then at the 9 hole with a bunch of strike out guys back to back to back between them
Nov 14, 2010
I've said for a while now that this team is full of pretty players, but it needed tough guys....

Max Hewitt is that guy. He's not overly talented, but he brings a sense of scrapiness to the table that this team desperately needs.

I like Brock catching because I think it lets Max play that role better.

Huey is both....he's a tough guy and pretty. Trenkle should be both but and is when he's locked in.

McCuske4, in my opinion, although he's big, is scrappy as well.

Adding Morrill and McCusker is big for this group from that perspective
Nov 14, 2010
I like splitting the two lefties with a right hander.

I will be curious to see which right hander gets the majority of weekend starts.

My guess is that the Coaches felt like last weekend Campbell was underused pretty badly so they made up for that this weekend.

Perfect spot to do so with OU Tuesday.

We needed 4 weekend quality starters for this stretch and this rotation accomplished that.

I think Rob overthinks way too many things but I think he got this one right.
Jul 9, 2004
Yes. Bad pitching move. Scott way over 100, short week as we have WVU Thursday. Scott totally gassed, had to wait 40 minutes up 10-2 and he came out again. I slipped down by the dugout beat the end of the game - scott tweaked his shoulder in the last inning. Impingement. Great move osu staff. Not even into April and the staff is effd.

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After missing the game Friday, this post is really what caught my attention....scary.
However, while setting up our corral today, it was sure nice to see #6 playing long toss.

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