Jan. 6 sentencing...

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Jun 29, 2004
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Ok so we are talking high level treasonous felonies where life in prison is on the table. Not saying the my pillow guy definitely did that for Trump but it's on the table. What kind of moron potentially puts damning evidence on their phone? I'm not a criminal but I learned enough from Breaking Bad to know that burner phones are a thing and you destroy them long before they potentially become evidence. It's like no one paid attention when CSI told you how to get away with murder.

It sucks when Washington elites get a slap on the wrist because they know how to play the game. Sucks more for this guy because Trump recruited a country bunpkin but he gets what he gets.


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Aug 31, 2007
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Oath Keepers lawyer and federal judge in screaming match in court over US Capitol riot case
By Hannah Rabinowitz, CNN
Published 3:41 PM EDT, Wed September 14, 2022


A conversation between a federal judge and a lawyer for one of the Oath Keepers charged with seditious conspiracy ended in a screaming match on Wednesday, when the lawyer suggested she would argue at trial that her client deleted evidence after the riot because he was directed to by another lawyer.

Juli Haller, who represents Oath Keeper Kelly Meggs, told US District Judge Amit Mehta that she was exploring whether to argue that the Oath Keepers general counsel, Kellye SoRelle, instructed Meggs to delete text messages from his phone after the riot.

Meggs has since been charged with tampering with documents for the alleged act and has pleaded not guilty.

“How is it today, 10 days before trial, I’m first being told you might advance an advice-of-counsel-defense,” Mehta shouted at Haller



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Sep 16, 2004
My understanding is that no one thought the Electoral process would be ruled as allowing the VP to invalidate votes and choose alternative electors. But it would have delayed the transfer of power and put our country in limbo. This step was to explicitly clarify it is not legal so it is not sent to the courts, which Trump loved to do.