Jan. 6 sentencing...

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Aug 11, 2011
We were discussing the rise in crime and how it seems to be getting out of hand in cities where councils and mayors are trying to cut or abolish police funding. Here's an article reviewing what I was speaking to.
I've never heard of this website before but it does have lots of links to data. I clicked on many of them to make sure and they lead directly to sources from the cities themselves. Homicides, aggravated assaults, car thefts, and robberies are on the rise in a ton of large cities. Many that specifically have talked about cutting the budgets of the police.
Some of these cities have also seen a rise in sexual assaults and spousal/family abuse. I think those are more attributed to lock downs that were strung out longer in some of these cities, but that's a whole different bunch of stuff and harder to pin down.

Someone on here in another thread brought this up last year, and I concur (it's been a while and I wouldn't know how to search for it so I'm paraphrasing). The best thing is to get better cops by increasing funding, especially for better training. Less cops, and less comprehensive training is bad for everyone.

Article link if anyone has a problem with the one above.

CNN article also discussing rising crime last year and the increases of this year already.

And the reason I said California, is because it is from more than one city that I've seen videos of that occurring. San Fransisco, L.A., and Oakland just to name a few.
We were not discussing increasing crime in cities. This thread is literally about 1/6 sentencing and you start trying to justify an attack on the Constitution and Capital by making a generic statement on crime increasing. I had not seen any data supporting that so I asked. You tried to defend yourself and then claimed “you heard” or “you saw videos”. We never talked about mayors or city councils. In fact you brought up duffle bags. And that’s the issue w discussions like this.

Then you post a link to a web site you’ve never heard of that is blatantly biased to the right. I love how they write this article trying to stoke anger in its intended audience which is targeted as retired and conservative and uses intellectually dishonest data in an attempt to manipulate the reader. It worked.

They purposefully try to mislead the reader into believing this is a leftist only problem and has only happened since calls for defunding police have started. More dishonest is they try to get you to believe this is a Joe Biden caused problem. They lead off by blaming him. It’s their actual lead in sentence. Clearly no bias there.

But look at their follow ups. They actually in several instances point back to 2019 as a base case for crime being up and link only to 2020 data.

Crime in fact might be increasing but this article and many like it don’t actually explore any reasons or use Republican controlled cities or cities where funding has increased and their crime statistics over the same period as a comparison.

They lead w it’s Biden’s fault and then use data in places that doesn’t even include Biden’s 6 months in office. In fact the data is only under Trump.

By this article do we know if crime is up in US overall? Was the increase/decrease actually linked to funding increase/decrease?
We don’t. But the biased writers achieved their goal. You used it to justify an already formed conclusion.
I even linked a cnn article to show that violent crime is up across the u.s.
And if you ignore the other article's bias and go to the actual links about the different cities, you will see the data as reported by the cities themselves. Removing the biased wording, the data backs up what they say about those cities. And what I brought up, was in response to some talk about cities and their rising violent crime.

I understand this was originally about 1/6, so I'll stop now to keep from getting the thread further off track.

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Feb 28, 2007
Agree that we need a better way of debating, but completely disagree that we are all to blame. Nope. I won’t buy that.
Instead of blame let’s ask the question, what could we have done different or better to make sure this never happens again.


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Aug 31, 2007
Stupid about AGW!!
If the FBI and others say there are credible threats, take the offers to increase Leo presence.

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When Capitol Police LEO on site call for reinforcement for an emergency, there should be zero hesitation to deploy additional agencies and this should be a practiced event as an emergency response to issues at the Capitol
Mar 11, 2006
Matt Gatez and MTG got run out of their own presser outside the building where the hearing for the Jan 6th commission was ongoing

I never understand this kind of strategy. Just like you don't stop racism by being racist --- you don't stop idiocy by being an idiot.


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Aug 31, 2007
Stupid about AGW!!
I never understand this kind of strategy. Just like you don't stop racism by being racist --- you don't stop idiocy by being an idiot.
While I agree with that statement 99% of the time. In this instance. Any moment you take the hot mike out of MTG or Gaetz hands..you have stopped something idiotic from happening. Granted it looks like a cluster...but I 100% bet it prevented some idiotic sound byte that would go world wide from one of those two..if not both