Jan. 6 sentencing...

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Dec 9, 2013
I don't even know how you can make an episodic series out of this anymore. There were far too many batsheet crazy people doing absolutely batsheet crazy things.
If you can, watch “4 Hours at the Capitol” on HBOMax. I’m convinced we escaped major bloodshed bc one side was loaded w idiots while the other side showed great restraint and didn’t realize the level of idiocy the other side possessed.


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Sep 16, 2004
I’m not surprised this is happening. I’m just surprised they’re so open about their motive to dissuade cooperation with the committee.


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Aug 8, 2006
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I think that's the first official statement I've ever seen that used the phrase "how come"...
This is where the Trump party is:


Also, it might have been here or somewhere else - but Trump mentioned he would now pardon those involved in storming the capitol on Jan 6th - which means he either thinks those that broke into the building WERE his supporters.... or he's decided to pardon antifa.

I seem to remember there were several people on this board that claimed the ones that got inside and did damager were all deep state or antifa. So which is it, guys?
Dec 9, 2013
How long until the MAGA crew on OrangePower start posting links to fox news stories about how Trump wanted the Feds to insert themselves in state run elections by having DHS seize voting machines? I mean we’re against Fed takeover of elections aren’t we?
Mar 11, 2006
Nope. “Ordinary citizens” is indicating they’re referring to the rioters.
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First, I strongly disagree with the censure. It is stupid, dumb, ...and plain wrong.

That said, several RNC members who voted on this silly document stated it was definitely not about the rioters - even the NYTimes linked above admits that. I think you are reading something in that poorly worded paragraph that is not there. It deserves ridicule, but don’t think that was the intent.

The Jan 6th investigation has gone multiple ways after several things --- not just about the riot.
Although there are possibly a couple of idiots that support the rioters, I don't think at all the general RNC members who voted on this censure feel that way.
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