How about Baker yesterday? How'd he do?

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Midnight Toker

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May 28, 2010
Oh gee, I'm sorry, I forgot your issues with anyone remotely laughing at the short, stout body sized qb you worship, except when you don't. He pulled his normal choke job. That is all.
Cool. No playoff victory since 1995. They draft Mayfield, and 3 years later, playoff victory. He sure changed the conversation. Good job! Anyway, i love posting in a thread about Baker Mayfield. Let's keep it alive folks!


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Jun 16, 2011
He took the Cleveland goddamn Browns to the second round of the playoffs in his third year, under his third head coach. The best quarterback OSU ever produced was shitcanned and holding a clipboard for his second NFL team at this point.

Y’all do suck at football and at putting quarterbacks in the NFL.

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If Weeden was on this team the Browns would be way better
Nov 16, 2013
Your boy is just not very good. There is no empirical evidence on how good or bad Weeden would be with the current Browns team, but Mayfield's "greatness" can only be attributed to playing the easiest schedule in the NFL and then drawing a gasping Steelers team. Your hero couldn't get the job done with a sad Henne in the game after the best player in the league had to leave due to an injury. He couldn't finish, he choked.