How’s everyone feeling about Baylor.

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Aug 11, 2011
I have a strange feeling of confidence going into this game. They say it’s really difficult to beat the same team twice in a year.

I just feel that we have gotten better every single week. I feel the last time we played them because of the early lead we were much more conservative in the 2nd and made it look a lot closer than it was.

We both have the same pressure of winning the championship.

We have added pressure of making the CFP

Baylor will be playing with a chip on their shoulder to avenge the loss.

Hoping OSU isn’t over confident that they will do it again.

I think BU is capable of the upset but I see the Pokes playing a sound game and winning comfortably.

How are you guys feeling about it?
I feel pretty confident, but I can't help but think back to 2011. It was all right there for the taking and we blew it. Also, Gundy has yet to lose to a team that we are favored to beat, as he does each year. However, this year feels different: this team is battle-tested, the defense is elite, special teams are solid, and the offense is getting better each week. With the maturity and leadership we have, I think we get it done. Also, Baylor's bread and butter is the power running game, which our defense is good at limiting. Their backup QB, Shapen, concerns me, as he is a pretty good passer who can also run, but we are the better team and I think we will show it again. I really can't believe we are in this position--all there for the taking once again. Come on, Pokes!!
Two things. One in 2011 we only lost the Iowa State game and we won every other game all the way through the fiesta bowl. Two we've had really good results defending against dual threat quarterbacks this year except Caleb Williams. And the new Baylor QB is not a Caleb Williams.

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Dec 17, 2011
I actually think that they have gotten MUCH better over the season (much like we have). I just hope that our kids aren't spending as much energy thinking about Bedlam this week as I plan to! Focus, gentlemen, FOCUS.
I would agree, but I was very impressed by them before they played us. Then they played us and I was not impressed. Then they went back to their old way of looking good (until TCU).
Sep 22, 2011
It’s the same answer for me as last week, and most of this season, I think we have the better team, but we have a tendency to shoot ourselves in the foot, to me it doesn’t matter who we play if we bring our best game we can beat anyone.
Jul 9, 2011
Carlos, TX
Thinking I'd rather play Baylor in Dallas for a shot at the CFP than OU again after a loss in Stilly. If we are going to get a shot at the CFP, we have to beat good teams like we did this past weekend and like Baylor in Dallas. These are the men, now's the time, that's the place - it's our time and our turn.
Jun 13, 2010
I'm nervous because Baylor got their wake-up call against Tech last wknd.

We are coming off a big, emotional win. All season, throughout the Big 12 and Nation, teams have reliably lost coming off big emotional wins.


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Aug 24, 2007
Knoxville, Tennessee
I have no idea what will happen on Saturday, but the team is saying the right things regarding moving on and focusing on Baylor. I’m sure Baylor will be ready for us, so we need to continue to play with the tremendous effort we have been giving.
Nov 18, 2011
With it being the B12 championship and a CFP bid on the line, I would hope focus would not be a problem.

Baylor doesn’t wow you in any area, but they are a heck of a team and play to their competition level a bit. Aranda will have their D ready, the same D that we turned the ball over to several times, and that dominated that ou offense just a few weeks ago. Unfortunately Riley also left them with a few hints at what works against our D that I’m sure they took note of. Hopefully Bohannon’s mobility is still limited, and they are pretty run heavy anyway so plays to our strength.
Aug 31, 2004
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Any health issues to report? Was Warren dinged up? I get nervous when he's not in the game. He contributes to so many facets of the game. Hard to imagine we're at 11-1 without him.
I’m pretty sure he’s very dinged up, but he’s a warrior. Was surprised that Richardson didn’t play more against OU for that reason
Mar 17, 2006
Edmond, Ok
I feel good about this game based on that fact that we lost the turnover battle 3-0 to Baylor in the first game and won by 10.

I think our defense will shut down the BU offense, putting less pressure on Spencer to feel like he has to make plays to keep pace, so hopefully no turnovers.

Pokes win 27-13