GOP Confronts Another Failed Tax Experiment in Oklahoma

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Jun 18, 2010
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FROM ARTICLE: "I'm not scared to say it, because I love Oklahoma, and we are dying," said Republican state Rep. Leslie Osborn. "I truly believe the situation is dire."

As a Republican, she shouldn't worry. Most Oklahomans feel they're doing pretty damned good in their lives and don't want to rock the boat come November. So they'll vote back in their Republican incumbents and welcome in a new Republican for governor. Osborn might as well work on assuring everybody that Oklahoma is doing okay by sponsoring a bill to bring back this license plate. BEAT OU!:


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Mar 31, 2004
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I'm surprised this isn't getting some talk. What do people think? Oklahoma's government appears to be failing in a decent economy. How do you fix it?


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Feb 16, 2011
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I'm surprised this isn't getting some talk. What do people think? Oklahoma's government appears to be failing in a decent economy. How do you fix it?
I will repeat what I have oft said, no new or increased taxes will solve a budget problem long term, they are a bandage for the gash of spending and should not be supported.
When I gave my son $5 and he came back 2 days later and said, dad I need more money, the first thing I would ask is where did you spend the first $5. That was our basis for financial education going forward, squander the money you get and you go without. Most would say that a household budget or giving money to your kids isn't the same and I would say they're right, kids learn quicker, because practically speaking, it is very much the same thing.

Similarly, I could be persuaded to accept new or increased taxes if I could be convinced that the pol's were being good stewards of that which I already gave them. aae; Ok is 29th in total education spending (that's not my number that's the US census figure for which I provided supporting documentation to in another thread) for their size that's plenty, where and how they spend it is the issue, that is why, if it were me, I would vote against any increase in taxes to pay for any additional compensation for any state or state paid employee and it's not just education and it's not just Ok. Ca is in far worse financial condition but we manage by kicking it down the road, every time, our debt is truly insurmountable, our debt to gdp is worse than any other state but Ill, we just continue to raise taxes, that game will have to end eventually.

There are a lot of much smarter people than me working on this, but, imo, to fix it you have to completely tear it down and rebuild it brick by brick, nothing is sacred, ie what does it actually cost to run the state, how much do we have to put away (just in case) what level of emergency funding do we require, so now we know what are the absolutes, the needs, the nice to haves and the wants. Now you build your revenue stream to address your absolutes, needs and requirements everything else, incl nth's is a want and you know what they say about wanting in one hand. Then you go to the voters and say based on what we must have and what we need beyond, this is our spending plan and this is our revenue plan. IOW, be thorough and be transparent, I am of the firm belief that this type of approach, treating adults like adults, would solve a lot of governmental issues and those who still b&m will never be happy and I wouldn't waste an iota of effort trying to convince them of anything except who to use as a moving company.
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