Gaetz "wingman" pleads guilty in sex traffiking case, agrees to plea to turn over all evidence and cooperate

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Oct 7, 2008
You're more than welcome to kick off your own threads you know. Who you should have a problem with are the politicians on the right that keep giving Bin stuff to post about.
Conservatives don't get upset with members of their own party when they do something abhorrent, they get upset with the person who told tells them about it. It's one of the reasons there's absolutely no accountability for Republican politicians anymore (i.e. they're about to re-elect an actual pedophile to their own party while calling Dems groomers every chance they get).


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Aug 31, 2007
Stupid about AGW!!
Not sure what is going on here. Apparently people questioning the Washington Post who is reporting that Recommendations to not charge Gaetz have been given.

No one can confirm anything and even the Washington Post seems to be backing a bit on their own reporting now but CNN is running with it.