Dear Coach Mike

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ole 3 putt.
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Feb 11, 2004
The Sand Shaker
All of them but us I would guess but I haven't actually checked them all.
Well, I checked OU, UT, and ISU - not a single "kicking coach". Hmmm.

edit: not trying to bust your chops, I'm just pretty sure very few schools (if any)want to spend a coaching position on kicking. I also (I'm guessing) that most kickers attend some type of "kicking camp"/training program in the summers run by bona fide professionals to hone their game. (Probably booster or school funded).
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Feb 15, 2017
I agree it should have been delegated. The question is who's job is it to do the delegating? I'm definitely not a "Gundy is omniscient and should never be questioned" guy, but I don't think this task would/should be his necessarily. Gundy's job is to win football games. He needs to recruit young men that help him win football games and hire coaches that coach those young men to win football games. His job is to oversee those young men and coaches to represent the university in a positive way while helping the young men get a degree and become better men because they were part of the program. I'm not sure alumni relations would fall under any of those categories. In my mind, and I could be wrong, this would be the job of the AD or probably more aptly one of the Associate AD's.
Just as current players are your best recruiters, I'd think former players are a close second. Why not keep them involved to help recruiting ?
So if I'm HC, maybe it's not my job but since the team and University would benefit, I'd sure as heck try to make it happen. Maybe he did. Maybe he was shutdown. But you'd think he'd have the clout to get it done. I mean, after all he got those banners hung in the indoor practice facility . . . .after a big fight . . hmmm.