Dayton, OH Mass Shooting Leaves 9 Dead 16 Injured Outside Bar

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Federal Marshal
Jun 18, 2010
Where else but Stillwater
Trump DOES NOT tell more likes than Obama. Trump exaggerates things quite a bit, but I can't think of more than a handful of things he's said that I might actually consider to be a "lie".

Obama flat out lied constantly about major policies and implications - flat lied to our faces.

Here a news flash for you - LESS GOVERNMENT IS ACCEPTABLE.

Polices that don't favor government over people stayed that way for over 100 years, until Wilson came along. Your comments aren't true and don't make any sense.
LOL, a lie is a lie. Is a pregnant woman ever a little bit pregnant?

Government policies in the past sure as hell had disfavor for blacks and Native Americans.

The less and less government, the more and more freedom, while taking it to the max requires knowledge and acceptance of natural law. Man-man law is too often in conflict or in opposition to natural law. Unfortunately, that happens because freedom isn't valued and defended much in this country. If that doesn't make sense to you because it's liberal or leftist then I'm sorry.