COWGIRLS SOFTBALL: vs Cyclones this weekend

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Jul 31, 2012
Near Ardmore, Okla
Anytime our Cowgirls sweep or win the series its a good weekend.

Not gonna say anything bout the hitting that I haven’t said before...very frustrating.

The past couple of weeks, I didn’t think our pitching staff been pitching to their potentials. Coming into this series with ISU....I was concern with how they been swinging the bats. Very aggressive and has one of the best hitters in the Big 12 in Sami Williams. Williams went 2 for 10 for the weekend. Pretty good. But the defense made some great plays to kept ISU in check. Got to give it up to our CF Chyenne Factor. She made some fantastic plays including two diving catches and robbed Sami Williams of a 3 run homer at the wall. Hate when we lose a game....but Seeing them having a players only meeting right after giving up 5 errors to Kansas. The defense responded with zero errors the last five games. ISU has scored 11 runs last week vs OU. They only manage 3 against us. Maybe the pitching is good enough to go along with this defense.

Cowgirls will be in action next week @ Tx Tech

want to wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER!!!