Cowgirl Basketball 2020-21 Season

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Feb 24, 2020
Are you aware who the men's coach is??
Sure do and your point is?? A lot of people were also saying this cowgirl team would crumble without their “best player”...myself included and boy was I wrong. Seems like the polar opposite to me. Sometimes addition by subtraction is beneficial to a program.
Feb 24, 2020
In terms of expectations...I’m not going to be over critical much simply because my expectations were that low. I didn’t expect this team in the tournament, much less WNIT...if they continue to be competitive and find their way into the tournament somehow, it’s a major successful season IMO no matter how far they advance. I expect them lose to Baylor, Texas and possibly Iowa state..although ISU is very young but talented as they start 3 freshman with two of them being McDonald All-Americans. If they find a way to beat the rest of the teams in the league...there’s a chance they find themselves in the tourney.

They’re off to a good start, and it should be applauded. Didn’t see it coming but the team seems happy as do the coaches. Locker culture is good. Kids seem confident compared to last year which is huge. Kids play hard for each other as well as their coaches. Team chemistry is better than last year. I’m hoping they keep it up. Would be nice to see them in the tourney.
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Feb 9, 2016
South of OKC
I have been critical of HCJL's coaching and I stand by my criticisms, however I will say that Littell seems to be more engaged this year and presents a more positive/upbeat attitude than normal about this team. Case at point, in the WV game he called timeout at 7:19 in the first quarter when we got off to a slow start and trailed 8-2, then he called timeout again with 1:48 left in the game after WV cut our lead to 74-71, both time outs thwarted WV momentum and we ended up with a victory. Compare the WV game to last year's home Bedlam game when we had a 74-61 lead with 2:18 left to play, OU made a run and Littell FINALLY used a time out with :25 left and the score tied 75-75, ultimately ending in a loss. Last year we finished 8th in the Big 12 with a conference record of 6-12 and an overall record of 15-15 (with both an All- Big 12 first teamer and an honorable mention who was also Newcomer of the Year), the year before we finished 7th in the Big 12 with a conference record of 5-13 and an overall record of 14-16 (with an All-Big 12 first teamer and an honorable mention)). While I see, and acknowledge, some signs of improvement this year from Littell, I'm not ready to say O-State is lucky to have him!
Apr 14, 2009

Due to COVID-19, the Cowgirl Basketball game previously scheduled for January 9th against Kansas, has been postponed. Your Oklahoma State Cowgirl Basketball team is now scheduled to take on TCU, Saturday January 9th, at 2:00PM.

Your ticket and parking pass for the previously scheduled TCU home game on February 3rd will be your ticket for entry to tomorrow’s game in GIA. Doors open at 1:00PM

Please be sure to check your email for additional info regarding tomorrow’s game.

Go Pokes!
Oct 26, 2003
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Quick turnaround for a shortened roster. I don't anticipate any roster additions if everyone was out due to covid tracking. Anyone got a solid update on that? I was thinking the postponement would be good for rest, but the Big 12 seems to be on top of rescheduling games.
Sep 12, 2018
What’s going on down in Norman? They have been playing with 7 or 8 girls for a month. I think one game they only had 6.