Cowgirl Basketball 2020-21 Season

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Feb 24, 2020
What has happened to OU and Sherri Coale??
Anna Lluansa (Sr)- Surgery (out of the season) leading scorer
Nydah Lampkin (Jr)- Opt out of season due to CO-VID
Jess Murcer (Jr)- left the team and got married
Liz Scott (soph)- torn labrum- out for the season
Heavenly Greer (fr)- played in the 1st semester, but didn't take care of grades so is academically ineligible this semester

Combine that with the exodus amount of transfers the past several years in that program has led to their poor numbers over the past several years. They play hard with their 7 players they have, but they lack size and talent right now.
Oct 26, 2003
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oklahoma State is starting to receive votes in the AP poll. 3rd in the receiving votes category this week. Baylor and WVU are the only 2 teams in the rankings this week.

Also #28 in NET rankings as of today, 4th in the Big 12 behind the aforementioned teams and ISU. Just edging out UT. This week presents a big opportunity against UT. Gotta avoid a letdown against TTU this weekend as well.