Cowboys takes down #6 Texas in Double Overtime! OSU is GOOD. #23 KU Next

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Aug 11, 2011
big win! Coaches and players are developing. It is slower than I want, but that is not of much consequence.

Boynton is very young as a HC and did not have a huge amount of experience coming into the job. So, there is a learning curve. We have seen some stability in what we are doing, especially on D and that is starting to pay off. It seems what the staff wants to do on O would work very well if you have Kalib and MAM operating at a good level at the same time.

Go Pokes!

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I would not call this a strong defensive performance. Texas' shooting was horrendous. I am excited we won but we can't fool ourselves thinking this was a good defensive performance. The amount of wide open 3's that Texas missed was astounding. I will give credit that when we went man at the end of regulation, we locked down to get the game to overtime. I think Boynton stayed in the zone because of foul trouble and Texas just shooting it so bad.
The zone and the different variations we used, helped take away their options. Definitely a good defensive putting.

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