Cowboys SWEEP the #18 RED RAIDERS. OSU is 8-6 in Conference, 15-6 Overall! BEDLAM @ # 7 OU. Saturday. 3x Winning Streak in Conference

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Feb 7, 2007
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Cade with a quite 20 lol
I saw some stat line yesterday that said he leads all freshman in the NCAA in average points, rebounds, and I think assists. I tried to find it after the game but don't remember where I saw it.

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That’s wrong. Just in the points category he’s third nationally for freshmen, he’s behind Cameron Thomas at LSU and Shariffe Cooper at Auburn.
Apr 12, 2020
Winning on a terrible shooting is awesome. I think we could have closed it up in regulation, but still, love that we were in control during the whole extended crunch time.

Crowd was rocking.

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This team has learned to take high percentage shots. Comparing the number of threes shot earlier to last night is night and day. They play smarter on offense.

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I think that was more based on the match up since Tech is a tiny team. Still, we statistically were averaging the 9th most 3 pt attempts in the Big 12 earlier this season despite being one of the fastest in pace, not sure what it is now, but this team was never a jack it up 3 point team.

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