Cowboys (8-6) Drop game against WVU. #19 Texas Tech on Thursday.

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Aug 29, 2004
Austin, TX
Stat Update. Only showing recent seasons for presentation purposes. Added a column so everyone can see the differences over the past 6 games.
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This is very interesting.

Obviously the team is underperforming in 3 point FG%, FT% and turnovers.

Surprisingly, they are overperforming in DEF FG% (by a lot), Steals and Blocks.

There's not much they can do about the 3 point % (other than to not shoot as many), but the FT% and turnovers is easily correctable. Boynton's teams have typically improved in the second half of each conference season, so let's hope they correct the turnovers and FT% soon.
Dec 9, 2013
The ban has affected the team mentality as it would any team. This is an legitimate “excuse” and is very clear to see on the court. Our team is playing bad. I can not say that it’s entirely on the ban or HCMB. Honestly, it could be both. To say the ban wouldn’t affect the players is something I respectfully disagree with.

However, I do agree about being an athlete and having the competitiveness to win games despite the ban. The competitiveness of winning because you are the better team. I’m just not entirely sure if most of our players still have that competitiveness now. As if we have lost all of our confidence.

You have the post season ban, fans do not show up to games, and we are playing bad basketball. I’m sure if you are 18-23 year old kid, that will weigh heavy on your confidence, ultimately affecting the team mentality.

I just want us to get out of this funk and just go compete and play good basketball. I believe HCMB and the players will get there.
What I am seeing and from reading comments on this board is a team playing the same way we have for 4.5 yrs. No offensive flow. Bad turnovers. Rushed shots. Poor shot selection. No consistency w rotations. The only variable towards success in this period was a generational talent that got us 1 tourney win. Compare this season w any Boynton non Cade year. Is there a difference in style of play?

I don’t think I’ve read or heard anyone on here say anything bad about Boynton the person. His guys play hard on the floor. This is a proud program wanting him to have success. It’s just not happening. I don’t think he will be gone after this season but something has to change.
Sep 9, 2013
West VA is not a top 25 team, especially without Culver and McBride.

I realize WV only has 2 losses, but really no good wins at all to this point.
Uconn is a good win.
Made CBS poll 25 +1 poll after the OSU win.
WVU did lose to marquette, but Huggins threw that game to teach the players a lesson. Long story, but yes, he actually let marquette win. WVU had big halftime lead, and his players he said later, thought they knew more than him, so he did absolutely nothing in the 2nd half but watch. no time outs nothing.

WVU's other loss @ Texas, WVU's 3 best players were out for COVID.

WVU's next two games @ kansas and @ Baylor will be telling.