Cowboy Challenge (Wrestling)

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Oct 30, 2007
And geer gets beat bad,

Wow, this is tough to watch, very very bad for an OSU wrestling team.

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Knickas on Backward
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Dec 6, 2006
The Cowboys are not a elite team this year.
Fix is the only elite Cowboy wrestler right now.
Disagree with the 2nd part. Fix is the only sure bet national championship caliber wrestler, but Wittlake and Boo are absolutely elite and are contenders depending on how seeding shakes out. Additionally, Geer, Plott, and Ferrari could be semi-finalists and two of them could be 'elite' by the end of the year. Sucks that Kaid got hurt, otherwise we'd have 7 guys in the lineup that could score serious points at the tournament.
Aug 22, 2006
SE Oklahoma
Fix is elite, Boo is elite, Wittlake is elite, all 3 very easily could be finalists. Plott if healthy, Geer and Ferrari are locks for AA, and if Ferrari gets the right draw could be a finalist. Sheets and TM could easily be AA so let's not act like we suck. We will win the Big 12 again we will improve from this weekend, one thing for sure is the coaches know we aren't ready for Nationals yet and know what they need to work on.

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