Cowboy Basketball: Pokes are now 7-6 in with SWEEP over ISU. Baylor Game POSTPONED. Tech Next Monday (22nd)

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Dec 9, 2013
Liked the win. When they play w IQ they are good. Wish coach would have pulled Avery last minute or so, put his arm around him and talked to him about his decisions under 3 minutes. That’s what will make him special the next 2 yrs.
Oct 29, 2004
Edmond, OK
I wasn’t able to watch or listen to the game today, but the first thing I did was to go look at the box score of the game which told a really SOLID story of the game...13 Turnover...20 assists....70+% from the free throw line. If they can maintain that level of performance, they will make the tournament and win some tourney games if the Corrupt NCAA Enforcement Committee doesn’t pull some 11th hour BS.

I’ve been critical of Boynton this year, but I hope this is a sign that he has turned the corner with his team. Congrats to him and the team on a SOLID performance. GO POKES!!
Jan 6, 2007
Jackson Hole, WY
We now have three games left. Tech and UO twice. I highly doubt the Baylor and WVU game will be rescheduled at this point.
Our next game is now w/T Tech next Monday...........and I just realized that the Red Raiders play TCU Thursday, Kansas Saturday and then come to Stilly on Monday. Three big games in five days is a lot to ask of any team.....GO POKES!