Cowboy Basketball: KU defeats OSU in Allenfield House. Series Split. Next up KSU on Saturday.

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Dec 9, 2013
I can understand losing to Kansas on the road even when they aren’t great. The problem I have is we didn’t make them work for the win. We didn’t play smart, way too many turnovers, low intensity. Kansas is down and they have a lot of pressure on them so we should have at least made it a tough game for them.
But this is who we are. Even in our wins. We looked like trash for the 1st 25 minutes at ISU. Looked horrible against TX Saturday. Let KU come back from down 16 percent n win at home.

There is 0 accountability for poor basketball decisions and part of that is from not forcing it on Cade as well. How do you not get tough on him and then sit some of the others. And it’s ironic because Cade appears to have the mentality to take coaching.

Unfortunately no one on this team gets any from the head guy.

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Mar 17, 2006
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This isn't a tragic loss. It IS a missed opportunity to beat a very average Kansas team. The next two games are must wins, home vs KSU and ISU. Those are far from guarantees as this team is capable of anything.