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Aug 19, 2006
This is a good analysis but it begs the question - do these guys strike out a lot because they have big strike zones with lots of holes or because they're constantly swinging for the fences? You don't see many 6'5'' guys just trying to make contact and play small ball.

The fact that our smaller guys that should have been consistent contact hitters weren't, supports your argument that there's a problem with they way they're being coached up.

Have to say I really didn't enjoy watching this team play as much as past teams because of the offensive inconsistencies. Very frustrating to see so many runners left on base time after time after time.
Apr 7, 2006
It's a good question and I would be really interested to know the answer. Don't know the numbers elsewhere, but here's how it looks in conference :

It definitely looks like we strike out at an above average pace in an attempt to hit the long ball based on how things look in conference...

Strikeouts per AB (all opponents)

Oklahoma State 0.287
Texas Tech 0.280
Texas 0.255
TCU 0.248
Oklahoma 0.250
Kansas State 0.247
West Virginia 0.257
Kansas 0.227
Baylor 0.217

HR per AB (all opponents)

Texas Tech 0.0490
Kansas State 0.0474
Oklahoma State 0.0376
Oklahoma 0.0330
Texas 0.0315
TCU 0.0302
West Virginia 0.0289
Baylor 0.0275
Kansas 0.0145


Strikeouts per AB (all opponents)

Oklahoma St. 0.317
West Virginia 0.251
Kansas 0.246
Texas 0.238
Oklahoma 0.233
Texas Tech 0.221
Kansas St. 0.216
TCU 0.214
Baylor 0.171

HR per AB (all opponents)

Oklahoma St. 0.0458
Baylor 0.0320
Texas Tech 0.0317
TCU 0.0305
Kansas St. 0.0278
West Virginia 0.0247
Kansas 0.0195
Texas 0.0156
Oklahoma 0.0155


Strikeouts per AB (all opponents)

Oklahoma State 0.286
Oklahoma 0.264
Kansas State 0.244
Texas 0.234
TCU 0.233
Kansas 0.233
Texas Tech 0.209
West Virginia 0.209
Baylor 0.185

HR per AB (all opponents)

Texas Tech 0.0365
Oklahoma State 0.0362
Texas 0.0291
Baylor 0.0271
Oklahoma 0.0245
Kansas 0.0237
West Virginia 0.0224
TCU 0.0208
Kansas State 0.0145


Strikeouts per AB (all opponents)

Kansas 0.265
Texas 0.245
Oklahoma State 0.245
Kansas State 0.232
Oklahoma 0.231
TCU 0.231
Texas Tech 0.213
Baylor 0.212
West Virginia 0.210

HR per AB (all opponents)

Texas Tech 0.0269
Baylor 0.0268
Texas 0.0261
Oklahoma State 0.0259
TCU 0.0257
West Virginia 0.0245
Oklahoma 0.0233
Kansas State 0.0217
Kansas 0.0096
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Oct 30, 2007
you did blow a mid-week loss to ULM out of proportion....... you guys melt down was epic. you can be whatever kind of fan you wanna be. it's the total lack of knowledge of baseball that you guys exhibit everytime you log into the zoo that gets me........ i won't stop any of you from acting like squat fans, i get that. hate away, bro
We would all be happy with this season if we practiced Cro's acceptance of low expectations. In the post game interview yesterday, even Josh had trouble identifying what should be changed heading into next year.
I am not sure on whoever’s expectations but if Josh cannot identify something to change to get better then he needs to be terminated immediately. I have NO info just responding to the post.

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Apr 14, 2017
Watching other regionals, this team is light years away from being competitive with the elite programs. I’m glad we didn’t face Arizona. They would have destroyed this bunch. The most disappointing thing to me is this team had a lot of experience and expectations but really got exposed against quality opponents. Changes must be made in recruiting and coaching. I hope they do.
Feb 24, 2020
Your daily Ben Leeper update!!! kid is "leeping" through the minor league system....maybe he reaches the big leagues by the end of the season??
Aug 19, 2006
With the new stadium, it's reasonable to expect Holiday to elevate the state of our program. Quickly. We have the best facilities in the country so it comes down to whether we can recruit and coach on par with the big boys. That's 100% on Josh. I wish him well. Would rather see him accomplish that rather than his replacement.

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Feb 25, 2018
North Texas
I’m shocked Dan heefner has been at DBU this long. His teams flat out rake. He’s got the patriots in their second super regional.
Coach Heefner has had lots of opportunities to leave in the past. Seems he really likes DBU and the culture. He’s BIG man on campus and doesn’t have to compete with any other coaches down there. At some point though someone is gonna money whip him until he caves. My son goes to his hitting camps. Heefner’s teams can flat out rake.
Oct 6, 2012