Cowboy Baseball

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Federal Marshal
Aug 11, 2011
The seating arrangement at obrate is odd to me. Everyone is crammed in the outfield and the students were packed in an none of them were wearing masks. I guess my question is what is the point?

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I agree, I thought the same thing. Right now, with the mask mandates, and capacity limitations, it doesn't matter at all what a governor does. The mayors will still keep the mandates.
But isn't the college considered state property, not city? It's like how you can go into the county buildings without a mask.

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Nov 18, 2010
Stillwater still has a mask mandate unless the Mayor rescinds it.
Considering the fact Mayor Joyce gave himself "emergency one-man-lawmaking powers' when 1 person in Payne country tested positive (not even in Stillwater), and threatened people with $500 fines if they left their houses for a while...I think it's safe to say the mask mandates are permanent, as long as he's the mayor.

Supposed to rain around 3pm today. What's the earliest they could move the game up to get it played?