Cowboy Baseball

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To be fair, they did go to Omaha in 2018, and they were decent in 2017, making it to the Big 12 tournament championship game and losing to us. But, they have no business being in the top 25 of any poll until they prove they're not the cellar dweller from 2019. Every national writer just glosses over that fact and acts like it didn't happen.

Honestly, I'm tired of the twitter chatter from most of the D1Baseball guys and the Baseball America guy too. All they do is gush over the players they're already familiar with and never talk about anyone else.

This past weekend was full of "so-and-so's FB is sitting at 97-99 in the 1st inning with a nasty slider at 90, he's dominating." Only to be followed 2 innings later by "so-and-so's walked 4 straight batters in the 3rd inning, and now gives up a bases clearing double, he's leaving everything up." They're all a joke.
Feb 24, 2020
True they did make an Omaha appearance in 2018 but outside of that they’ve been hit or miss the past decade. Hyping up Texas is just flat out nauseating regardless of the sport. They’re a supposedly a top 10 team with a questionable pitching staff and their ace was signed last year by the braves. Not to mention a questionable offensive lineup. Looks good on paper but my god only a couple of them are proven commodities.