Congrats to Kansas!

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Apr 7, 2006
Holy cow. Texas just took home the trophy for “Most Humiliating Loss Ever in the Big 12 conference” And they did it at home.
Literally. This is the biggest upset in terms of spread in Big 12 history.

Some other superlatives from ESPN:

"Kansas has the same number of wins over Texas since 2016 (2) as it does against every other Big 12 team combined.

It was Kansas' first road win in Big 12 play since George W. Bush was president. The Jayhawks had dropped 56 straight true road games in conference, but Saturday was different.

Texas has now lost five straight games, something it hadn't done since 1956.

It was the second time in three years Kansas scored 48 or more against Texas. In the past decade, the Jayhawks had only hit that mark on three other occasions.

Kansas was a 31-point underdog in this game. Since the FBS/FCS split in 1978, the Jayhawks were 0-100 in games when the opponent was favored by at least 24.


Kansas has now scored 80 points against soon-to-be SEC members Texas and Oklahoma this season. Against the other seven FBS teams it has played, it's scored just 96.
Dec 2, 2008

In the aftermath of the stunning Kansas victory, we received this transcript of a call to Big 12 headquarters leaked by a source we'll identify only as "B. Bowlsby." Ah, that's too obvious. Let's say, "Bob B."

Caller 1: Thank you for calling Big 12 customer service. How may I direct your call?

Caller 2: Um, returns, I guess.

Caller 1: Hold please.

"Dust in the Wind" by Kansas plays.

Caller 3: Big 12 returns and exchanges. May I ask who's calling?

Caller 2: Yes, this is Greg Sankey.

Caller 3: How can we help you, Mr. Sankey?

Caller 2: I have two football teams I'd like to return.

Caller 3: I see. Was there a problem with your purchase?

Caller 2: Yes. I think they may be defective.

Caller 3: OK, sir. Do you have a receipt?

Caller 2: Well, no, but Texas A&M did leak the news of our purchase to its local newspaper. Will that suffice?

Caller 3: I'm sorry, sir. We require a receipt to process any returns.

Caller 2: I see. Well, what about store credit? We could be interested in possibly picking up a Cincinnati in a year or two.

Caller 3: Again, I'm sorry. Cincinnati is on back order currently.

Caller 2: Ah, OK. Well this is certainly disappointing.

Caller 3: Is there anything more I can do for you, sir?

Caller 2: One last question. I notice you're adding UCF. I'm wondering if you might be interested in having a local rival for them? We've got some Florida baggage we're looking to unload at a very affordable price.

Caller 2: Hello?

Caller 2: We can throw in the Texas monkey, too. Hello?

*end of transcript*