College World Series Carneyman14 Edition Day 4

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Oct 20, 2008
Minneapolis, MN.
Omaha Day 4

Today is the last day I am here. It is really sad to leave as our boys are playing so well.

We played golf at Indian Creek Golf Course, which was amazing. I would think that this is one of Omaha’s best public courses. We finished up our round at about 1pm. We then headed back to the hotel, and then headed out to the bars to pregame. We choose the bar really close to the park called “Blatt”. It was a great atmosphere. We watched the UCSB vs Miami game there and had a blast. Got a chance to talk to Andrew Rosa’s dad for a bit. Met a nice couple that flew up from Houston at the bar as we shared a community table.

After we had our fill at “Blatt” we sold our OSU allotted tickets for $20 and bought some better seats for $30/ticket right down 1st base line.


The Rain Delay crowd:


We later moved closer to the OSU section as the game went on. Some great people down that line that helped us cheer on the pokes. Also got a shot of this guy on the walls of TD Ameritrade.


WHAT A WIN! 2-0, in the drivers seat. Buffett picked up right where Hatch left off and Cobb was filthy to close it out. As most of you probably are right now, my father and I are absolutely thrilled. Such a great game.

2 runs. 2 wins.

May 29, 2007
Edmond, OK
Runza! We stopped for one today on our way out of town too.
Surprised that it was a sandwich on a sliced roll, thought I remembered them being like a hot pocket that was all baked together. Maybe they changed, it's been about 13 yrs since last time I had one.