College World Series Carneyman14 Edition Day 3

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Oct 20, 2008
Minneapolis, MN.
Omaha Trip Day 3

Happy Fathers Day to all the dad’s out there. Including my own father, Clowndad. It has been a memorable trip and I owe it all to him. Since I have been working full time for the better part of 6 years, after I graduated OSU, I now fully understand all of the sacrifices he has made being my coach all those years when he had a full time job. He loves our Cowboys and this is his first trip to Omaha as well. He has some great stories of the Gary Ward era, so I was surprised to hear that he never has gotten the opportunity to come up here. So we are definitely making the most of this father/son outing.

Cowboys were off today so I booked a tee time at Pacific Springs Golf Course out in West Omaha. There are quite a few business parks out there, and everything looks brand new. After talking to the locals, that seems to be the consensus that everything is moving west. Pacific Springs is 6,000 yard par 72 course. There is very lush bent grass that lines the fairways. Its not a very long course, but it definitely challenged me today. I don’t think we have a course like this where I play. Oklahoma usually has pretty short quick grass because of the heat, and I live off of bouncing 7 irons off the front of the green and rolling them up onto the dance floor. Overall I really like the challenge. Most holes you need an iron off the tee, because the dogleg or a creek would prevent you from hitting driver. I probably pulled out diver 5 times all round.

Dad and I on the 17th tee


After the round we are quite hungry, so I look up Upstream Brewing Co.. Thought it was going to be a little bit more of a local thing, but if you have ever been to BJ’s Brew House or Gordon Biersch, you have been to Upstream Brewing Co. Solid food, solid brews, lots of TVs.


Dad and I hang around the hotel and watch the end of the US Open. I am 28, but I’m aching pretty badly. That is what a desk job will do to you kids. We decided to go out and see the Florida vs. Coastal Carolina game. We buy some tickets off a scalper for $30 a piece and it was head and shoulders above the location that OSU allotted us. Also, thank god we got the first base dugout and the 6pm game tomorrow. It's in the shade!


Florida has some big time arms, but Coastal can hit and they play solid defense. Very entertaining game as the locals were very vocal in cheering for the Chanticleers. Omaha really supports this thing as they announced attendance was 19k. We leave and grab some more souvenirs for friends. Grabbed an uber ride back for $5. Missed the complimentary cookies in the lobby though.

Lets get it tomorrow boys. Go Pokes