Coach Eddie Sutton passes away at 84

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Legendary Cowboy
Oct 13, 2004
Eddie put Oklahoma State back on the map as a national basketball power. It was an honor to follow him and watch what he built. I credit his work as the start of what has happened in our Facilites since he came back home. When he came here Gallagher hall was a shell of its former self and the rest of our Facilites except for maybe Allie P were the worst in the Big 8, now we are the best in nearly every facility. That started with Eddie. Sad to see him pass and sincerely hope his is reunited today with Patsy. RIP


Legendary Cowboy
Oct 13, 2004
This really sucks on many levels. With the no crowd thing he may not get the memorial service that he deserves.
I know it does but 50 can gather in Oklahoma now and I believer church services can gather in larger numbers so I doubt his service with be small, and if it is, larger gathering can be held as soon as June 1st with nearly all restrictions lifted by then. I also hope they can give him a service he deserves.
Apr 7, 2006
Eddie transcended sports. He shouldered the weight of tragedy and at that point was different than other sports figures for me

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race..."

RIP Eddie
Oct 7, 2015
St. Elmo, CO
Eddie not only came back to his alma mater and saved himself, but he saved OSU basketball.

Coach Sutton gave us a reason to love Cowboy basketball again. He dragged it out of the Big 8 basement and breathed life into OSU basketball.

The Final Fours, the great teams and players, the pride restored in a long dead program.
He showed us what a great coach can do for a program.

Although he had his demons, as we all have, he persevered with hard work and disciplined play -- something that became even more apparent after he was gone.

History is filled with great men that also fought great battles within. Eddie Sutton was a great man.
Eddie Sutton was a great Cowboy and brother.

He will be sorely missed. RIP, Coach.


Territorial Marshal
Sep 9, 2005
Mustang, Ok
Makers of the Eddie Film, after Eddie has been laid to rest, the family grieves, respects are paid by all and his services are completed.......PLEASE get this film released! We need this for healing for the Cowboy faithful and it will be a wonderful tribute to a great man! Thank you!
Nov 29, 2011
Springfield, OR
What an incredible gift Coach Sutton gave to all of us fans and players. The Sutton era of basketball is like a warm and cozy place in memory. The nostalgia of the way his basketball made us feel we cannot describe. It's just there with Eddie's smile or scowl or however we choose to remember him shining brightly over everything else. Thank you Coach!


Feb 13, 2014
K-State up at halftime in the Octagon. Eddie walks out wearin' that nasty ass scowl. Pokes come out the second half and destroy the Cats. Eddie's look never changes. Fabulous coach. RIP Sir! #emaw
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Jan 21, 2006
As others have posted Eddie got me jacked again. I graduated in '67 and there had only
been momentary high spots, usually followed by probation. With that Sweet Sixteen run in '91, suddenly OSU sports were on the national map. I started coming back to catch two football and sometimes 3 BB games each year (those Pat Jones teams weren't much fun). It is just astonishing where OSU sports are today vs my 20+ yrs away from Stillwater. Thank you Mr Sutton.
Jul 9, 2011
Carlos, TX
My son Chuck went to OSU in the very early 2000's. While a student he worked at the Hideaway and got his hair cut at the barber shop on West University in the Campus Corner area. "Whispering Richard" Danel was the barber there, but at the time he was just "the barber" to my son. One day while he was getting his hair cut none other than Eddie Sutton walked in and sat down to wait his turn. Sutton and Danel talked like old friends and included my son in the conversation - for a while they were just three guys talking about OSU and sports. My son stayed and sat a while after he got his hair cut just to listen to the conversation.

Over the years as my son learned more about both men and grew to appreciate both of them, he later realized what a unique and special opportunity this was. It's one of my sons fondest memories of his OSU experience.

Here's an O'Colly article about Whispering Richard Danel:

I went to Google Earth street view and can see the barber shop has a "FOR LEASE" sign in the front window. Two fine men who were friends, and the passing of an era at OSU that will never be exactly the same.
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Jul 23, 2004
Tulsa, OK
There will an Eddie marathon on ESPNU tomorrow (friday) starting at 9 am central.
9:00 AM Central - Texas Tech at Oklahoma State January 10, 1998 OSU 66 Tech 63
11:00 AM Central - Oklahoma State at Kansas State February 4, 2006 OSU 63 KSU 61
1:00 PM Central - Kentucky at LSU January 29, 1986 UK 54 LSU 52
3:00 PM Central - Oklahoma State vs Kansas Big 12 Tournament Semifinals March 12, 2005 OSU 78 KU 75