City of Stillwater thread

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Apr 2, 2008
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my town is 79'000 jonesboro arkansas

u guys need
1 goldlen corral - I wouldn't mind having a good buffet here, but I don't think anyplace will see any new buffets opening up anytime soon
2 huddle house - We have Short Cakes which is even better
3 carcker barrell - Overrated
4 ihop - We have one, Jimmy's Egg, Just Wafflin', Short Cakes, Granny's all have superior breakfast food
Nov 8, 2007
My daughter is going to the OSU softball camp this weekend so we are looking for something to do Saturday afternoon/evening.

The camp is over at 2:30 on Saturday, so we will have a good chunk of time to kill. Planned on walking her around campus...but looking for something a little more "entertaining". I've checked every event calendar I can find, but it appears to be a pretty dead weekend.

Anyone know of anything going on Saturday 9/18?
Dec 16, 2019
Goodbye Stonewall, hello "Still Chill"??????

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This hurts my heart so much, Stonewall was my favorite dive bar around. When I worked at Hideaway in my college days that was the place for us to go and get some drinks after work :blink: also some ol' Hideaway buddies went there recently and they did not like it at all, from what they said they are trying to go after the cowboy crowd, which there are plenty of those bars on the Strip and Tumbleweeds.
Oct 1, 2006
Stonecloud is my favorite brewery in OKC. Looks like this will be a great spot to hang out. Sweet looking patio concept. I think they’ll be more apt to win the college crowd than Iron Monk currently does.

I hope they find a way to work with each other and not against. By the looks of it, we may have three breweries in a few years.


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Aug 11, 2011
Dutch Bros officially opened today. So we have 4 Aspens, 2 Starbucks, Dutch Bros. and the place on 9th near the post office that I never remember their name. Almost as bad as the number of chicken places in town. Oh, and at least 2 small places on campus (don't know their names).

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