CFN - Thursday Night Throwdown

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Oct 13, 2003
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Thursday Night Throwdown

By John Roberts

September 8, 2005

All Times Eastern

Oklahoma State at Florida Atlantic

Game Time: 7:00 PM
TV Coverage: ESPN2
Line: Oklahoma State by 14.5

Importance of the game to Oklahoma State: For the Cowboys, this game is about getting on national television and looking impressive. They are a good football team, but they did not show up last weekend. Yes, they won, but winning isn’t always the only thing. The Cowboys beat Division 1-AA Montana State 15-10, which is not what any Cowboys fan had in mind. The Owls could be a better team than expected, so winning on national TV on the road would be a nice boost to the Cowboys overall profile. They need to prove that they are a contender in the rapidly deteriorating Big Twelve.

Importance of the game to Florida Atlantic: This is it for the Owls. This is their chance on national TV to say, “Here we are in Division 1-A!” They can make a real statement that they belong here in Division 1-A with a nice showing against Oklahoma State. A win would throw the Owls into the national spotlight, at least for this week. It would also make them a serious threat to become a Sun Belt team heading to a bowl game. That’s what high profile wins against Big Twelve teams will do for you! The 30-19 loss to Kansas last week was nice, but a win would be even nicer.

Quote from Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State’s head coach: “They (Florida Atlantic) played hard and they seemed to be in very good physical condition when I watched the Kansas game. He (Schnellenberger) has got them playing hard. We are looking forward to traveling down their and playing on national television. “

Quote from Howard Schnellenberger, Florida Atlantic’s head coach: “It (the game against Kansas) was a great evening for Florida Atlantic football. It allowed us to evaluate where our level is now and what we need to work on to improve it.


Oklahoma State offense vs. Florida Atlantic defense: The Cowboys are back to square one offensively after last week. The ground attack looked good, but the passing game was not crisp and they struggled to score points when they moved the ball. Donovan Woods and Bobby Reid combined to complete 11 of 22 passes for 134 yards. They also ran the ball 15 times for 147 yards. Woods took the majority of the snaps, but Reid ran the ball better than Woods. Mike Hamilton and Julius Crosslin ran the ball relatively well. The Cowboys ran for 244 yards. D’Juan Woods still is the team’s best receiver, and a real deep threat. The Owls struggled to get pressure on the Kansas’ quarterbacks last week. However, Quincy Skinner and Troy Pindell both intercepted passes. They also harassed the Jayhawks into completing less than 50 percent of their passes (16 out of 35). However, they did allow them to run for 201 yards at 5.4 average per rush. Willie Hughley and Lawrence Gordon are the leaders in the secondary for the most part. Shomari Earls is an excellent linebacker. This defense has a lot of speed and, if they can do anything on the line, should hold up nicely against Oklahoma State.

Florida Atlantic offense vs. Oklahoma State defense: Danny Embick, the Owls quarterback, won the Sun Belt offensive player of the week last week, when he threw for nearly 300 yards against Big Twelve foe, Kansas. He poses a serious threat to the Oklahoma State defense, which surrendered over 200 yards passing to Montana State’s Travis Lulay last week. Embick has a host of talented receivers to get the ball to, including Thomas Parker and running back Dilvory Edgecomb, who both caught 66 yard touchdown passes last weekend. The running game leaves much to be desired, as Edgecomb has the most rushing yards (17) and Embick had the most rushes (13 for sixteen yards). B.J. Manley is expected to be the starting running back and has potential to be a real threat. The Cowboys defense was rock solid against the run last week when they gave up just 49 yards on the ground. They came up with four sacks, including two by Jamie Thompson. Lawrence Pinson also is a very solid defensive lineman returning from a leg injury from a year ago. The secondary was a little suspect at times, but they did do a good job of keeping the receivers in front of them. While Montana State completed 22 out of 34 passes, they only averaged 9.3 yards per completion, which is a very good number.

Prediction: Remember last year? It was this weekend that a Big Twelve team visited a Sun Belt team looking to make a statement about their worth in Division 1-A. The Sun Belt team won. Troy’s win over Missouri was stunning, and this one would be even more surprising. Do not be surprised if Embick has a monster game against Oklahoma State and if Florida Atlantic puts up some points on the Cowboys. However, the Owls couldn’t slow down the Kansas running game, so slowing down the Oklahoma State running game seems out of the question. If the Cowboys score when they move the ball, they should put some points on the board as well. The Owls will put on a good show, but in the end it will amount to nothing more than a well played loss. Oklahoma State 28, Florida Atlantic 17.


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Jul 13, 2004
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I thought that overall this was a pretty poorly written article, but especially this:

CFN said:
If the Cowboys score when they move the ball, they should put some points on the board as well.
Apparently, if we score we will have some points.


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Jun 8, 2004
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ScooberJake said:
Apparently, if we score we will have some points.
Oh, so THAT'S the key! Would have been nice to know that last week. Someone call Gundy and fill him in. Scoring = points. Genius! :rolleyes:


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Sep 16, 2004
I agree Scoober.

The Owls struggled to get pressure on the Kansas’ quarterbacks last week...
...They also harassed the Jayhawks into completing less than 50 percent of their passes (16 out of 35).