Big-12 Year in Sports 2021/2022....

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Nov 27, 2007
But would a 14-Team Big-12 be able to generate enough more money than a 10-Team Big-12 to narrow the financial gap to the SEC?
I think the question becomes, are programs willing to agree to an unequal revenue distribution IF it means more money for everyone involved?

2025 we have the contract negotiation with the networks. Obviously a 14 team conference with UT and OU would yield more revenue than a 12 team without them.

In 2021 the distribution for SEC was $54m, While Big12 was $36m. A difference of $18m per school.

Hypothetically, if the other 12 schools pledge to money to keep OU/UT IF it meant more money for the school. So in 2021 the other 12 would have given $3m to make up the gap. Making the average per school (minus OU/UT) $33m as opposed to whatever the distribution is without them, say $28m?