Big 12 week 6

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Jul 9, 2011
Carlos, TX
Yes, they should have. But that doesn't mean smash your RB into stacked boxes or throw low % passes. You dink and dunk, and take what the defense gives. High %, plodding offense is what they needed at that time. The primary goal is to burn clock, and the way you do that is to put yourself in a position for easy 3rd down conversions to sustain 10+ play drives.

LOL! I didn't say HOW they should have run more clock - just said that maybe they should have. Yes, you have to move the chains to run the clock.


Territorial Marshal
Feb 18, 2009
Make the ticket price super cheap. Once you start selling it out, then raise prices.
I know quite a few season ticket holders that stopped buying (before 2020) because the prices were getting ridiculous.
There's enough fans to fill the stadium. Keep lowering prices until the stadium fills up. Then start raising them again. Seems pretty simple.
Yeah simple economics right? I think it’s bigger than ticket prices but I don’t disagree with your starting point.