Big 12 to meet to consider 6 new teams(PAC)

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Jun 4, 2014
Dallas, TX

Not to mention sometimes you have to take bigger risks/bold moves in order to pass the competition.
Sportsbooks also have solved for this. Those groups have systems worth 10's of thousands to they can show any game/sporting event on the planet. I was able to watch every Champions League game at Circa sports book last week. Only 1 of those games was on regular channel programming.
Oct 14, 2013
Washington DC
More proof of lack of fan support for PAC 12 this weekend:
Oregon at Washington State attendance 33,058
USC at Oregon State attendance 38,768, both teams with no losses entering the game
Arizona at California attendance 37,216
Utah at Arizona State attendance 39,876
UCLA at Colorado attendance 42,848

In contrast:
Duke at Kansas attendance 47,223
Tarlton University at TCU attendance 43,197 a few weeks ago

I realize this is only a sample but the remaining 8 are stronger than these numbers. BYU attendance will be really good and the other three new additions will probably fit in the PAC 12 range with some upside from joining a P5 conference.
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