Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

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What conference would you like to see OSU join?

  • ACC

  • Big Ten

  • PAC-12

  • Expanded Big 12

  • Other (please explain)

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Aug 11, 2011
Yeah, but I'm not sure Sooner fans will enjoy losing 4-5 games a season, even if it is to some combination of Bama, LSU, Fla, GA, Auburn, etc. OSU fans don't enjoy 8-4, 7-5 seasons very much. Sooners are used to a floor of 10-2. Not sure that's realistic in the SEC.

If I'm a UT fan, I'm not very excited about this at all. They haven't even been competitive in the Big 12 since they fired Mac Brown. Do they think Vince Young is walking back through that door and suddenly lifting the program back up to it's glory days against SEC-caliber competition??? Seems like they're more likely to slug it out with Auburn, Tennessee and Kentucky for a spot in the middle of the pack.

So remind me again what all that extra revenue coming in will actually accomplish???
It depends on how the new sec is aligned and how often they have to play the other top teams. If they end up in pods, they may only see bama twice every 4 years or something.

The middle and bottom of the sec is no more competitive than the middle and bottom of the big 12. A&M and MU have shown that it's possible for a big 12 team to move in and compete in the sec at the same or even higher level.

Add in that the sec plays one less conference game per year allowing them to schedule a game against a UTEP type team and their overall wins might not be worse and could be better. Add in the extra cash and it's really a no brainer of a decision. I don't think ut fans are worried.

(Although I do hope ut does flounder and wind up like the other ut in the sec.)
If they add teams, I would assume they will have to add another conference game into the schedule just to accommodate the round robin necessities in each division plus crossovers

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Aug 11, 2011
I hear people saying this about ou and to me it falls into the same category as the ou fan(s) I've heard call into the sports animal and report that oSu will finally be where we belong when we go to the AAC. OU will NOT be like USC or UM. Will they have a hard time winning the conference? Absolutely. Their days of winning back to back to back (to back to back to back) conference championships is over. But the machine that is OU is going to roll on. I'd say they will be top perennial top 3 finishers in the SEC with Bama, UGA, and LSU/Auburn/aTm.

Edit: Texas on the other hand...could wind up like Tennessee.

Listen to OU fans gets on my nerves…yesterday taking my mother out for dinner, this 17 yr old server started mouthing me that OSU is going to Class 5A. The only place that OSU can compete cause I was wearing an OSU hat.

He start apologising when I demand to see a manager. Life lesson for the kid. He lost his job and I got a free meal.

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Jun 29, 2004
La Jolla, California
Better option than ESPN forcing a merger with AAC would to somehow convince A&M, ND, Nebraska and Colorado to join/rejoin the Big 12. I don't want to watch OSU v. USF or West Virginia v. SMU or Kansas v. Houston and no one else outside of those schools will want to watch either.


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Aug 11, 2011

I love the big 12 logo on her chest hanging sideways at one point and she has to keep adjusting it to keep it from falling off.

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Sep 9, 2005
Mustang, Ok
Sep 29, 2011
Breckenridge, CO
There has to be a lawsuit in here somewhere.

Ed: I have a proposal for you Tom.
Tom: lay it on me.
Ed: what say i pay you to terminate our contract if you’ll cause Bob to bust his deal with me. The amount I pay you should cover the cost to you for causing Bob to bust his deal with me.
Tom: how do I cause Bob to bust his deal with you?
Ed: If you’ll leave your association with Bob and join Steve, I’ll make sure you make more money with Steve than you currently do with Bob.
Tom: I don’t understand. What’s in it for you?
Ed: Here’s the deal. You’re worth more to me if you’re associated with Steve than if you remain associated with Bob. Specifically, the amount I will pay you to terminate our contract is less than the amount I will save if I don’t have to pay Bob for his entire contract if he busts his deal with me.
Tom: Sounds great. Let’s do it.

Tom = UT
Ed-Tom Contract = LHN
Bob = B12
Steve = SEC

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