Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

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What conference would you like to see OSU join?

  • ACC

  • Big Ten

  • PAC-12

  • Expanded Big 12

  • Other (please explain)

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Jun 13, 2010
That's interesting. I wonder if that means ESPN has been contacting schools like OSU about moving to a different conference?

ESPN is obviously involved behind the scenes in the formation of 16-team "super conferences."

Also just want to point out the irony... the remaining 8 need to work overtime to build a marketable product and get ratings up. So naturally Bob Bowlsby tells ESPN to cease and desist. Just wow.

I am speechless.


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Jul 13, 2004
Denver, CO
Yeah, I suspect that is what this is about. I'm no law-talking-guy, but it seems this could be a precursor to a lawsuit. ESPN probably has a clause in our TV contract that says they get to renegotiate if the value of the Big XII media property is harmed by schools leaving the conference. But if ESPN is the one causing their own "harm", that seems illegitimate. And in fact, by working with OU and UT to help move them to another conference, they are causing harm to the conference and may be infringing on some clause in the contract.

I doubt this is has much to do with ESPN somehow finding a home for the remaining schools. I don't believe that is happening.
Apr 14, 2008
Yeah, now that folks are shaking the tree it's starting to look like ESPN has been tampering.

Of course this spells the official end of the conference as there's no turning back from biting the hand that feeds
Sep 29, 2011
Breckenridge, CO
Of course everyone realizes too much money is what’s killing (NIL, super conferences, coaches salaries, facility arms race, Etc) college football. And where was the line of delineation where the money started to get too big to ignore?

The College Football Playoff.

I said it at the time, even though I couldn’t predict the specifics, that the CFP was bad for the sport and would ultimately kill the sport we once knew and loved.

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May 2, 2005
Highland Village, TX
College football is screwed. The combo of the NIL, Texas and OU jumping ship for BIG MONEY and screwing over the rest of (non blue blood) CFB via realignment, and the transfer portal spells the end.

NIL means that student athletes who attend Big Brand schools can make enormous sums of money while still in college. Alabama's QB reportedly has a 7 figures deal already, despite not having played a down; same with the HS JUNIOR who's looking to skip his senior year to join Ohio State. Seven. Figures. Yeah, that's Alabama and Ohio State, but the 6 figures deal to play at OU isn't far behind. Now consider the transfer portal. Why would the former 3* recruit who--having shown himself to be 5* player--wanna stick around when he can CASH in on his NIL with a Big Brand School. E.g,. What's keeping Harvell-Peel at OSU if Michigan comes calling dangling the possibility of a 5 figures endorsement deal? He knows he isn't getting that at Oklahoma State. Is loyalty enough? Maybe in some cases, but a lot of kids will follow the money to the big schools. It's just business, right? He's gotta go get his. Isn't that the logic these days?

This is all just terrible for college football and make me sad.
You did a great job summarizing my thoughts on this unfortunate situation, and I too am just sad about it. To take it a step further, schools are already setting up agreements with big money sources that are prepared to pay players for their NIL (Miami, etc). So any recruits or transfers will know, for example, "If I go to Alabama, I will get $1.5m in NIL deals minimum before I play a snap. If I'm a 5 star, likely $4m, if I'm a 5 star QB even more".
The bluebloods are going to create a massive gap that makes the game much like the NBA has become: a few doctored superteams with the majority of the rest unable to compete. Teams like Oklahoma will love it until Texas sells $10m in burnt orange Spencer Rattler hoodies and he transfers there. In a sense it's even worse than the pros because there are no rookie contracts or salary caps to keep things in check. The NCAA is becoming less relevant by the hour, so the only one who could do anything about it is the new governing body: ESPN.


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May 2, 2007
And to think, just months ago ESPN was on their heels and laying off people left and right. Yet all the unchecked power in the world.


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Oct 17, 2009


Go Pokes!
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Aug 3, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
Why would any B12 team consider that, let alone 3-5? Unless they have definitely been told No by all other power 5s AND they know there are enough schools that DID find a power 5 to land at. (i.e. they are the leftovers).

Makes no financial sense that the AAC would be even close to a threat to poach schools.
Mar 11, 2006
ESPN is 100% involved. There is no way SEC would entertain the thought of two more schools splitting up their revenue pie if they were not certain it would lead to a much larger payment.

Unlike the Big10 Network, which is majority owned by the conference, the SEC Network is owned by ESPN.

ESPN informed UT that they were not going renew the $$ amounts for the Longhorn Network at anywhere near the level they were paying once the current deal expired. Whether ESPN prompted UT to talk to SEC, who knows. But ESPN was absolutely involved actively with SEC on OU and Texas move.


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Oct 17, 2009
Why would any B12 team consider that, let alone 3-5? Unless they have definitely been told No by all other power 5s AND they know there are enough schools that DID find a power 5 to land at. (i.e. they are the leftovers).

Makes no financial sense that the AAC would be even close to a threat to poach schools.
I'm wiling to bet it was Baylor or one of the lesser schools that were going to be left out in that group being courted by the AAC. They probably blew the whistle on it since it would be still be a financial loss for them.
Jun 5, 2020
"Jimmmm, why are we under .500? Do we just need to fire all the coaches?"
Ha, I'm not going to research but don't both uo and Allibaba claim NC champs in FB same year . Yeah trammel is a gross consumner of our boards, the free one..
You might be right, but why not swing for the fences? The only companies that can compete with ESPN are Google and Amazon, let's hook up with them and let them cover the super conference. The national media coverage provided by those groups could blow the SEC and ESPN out of the water.
ah, we have scheduled Arkansas and Ala in the future
How would we do in the SEC?
It depends


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Oct 16, 2003
Katy, TX
Keep them but hang your hat on the college brand.

We aren’t there yet, but I think the “super league” will collapse or be a regional rump state...other shiny things will pull attention of the next generation and the school associated “base” fans will largely be following their schools in the larger “college league” while the “super league” is competing with MLB, NBA and NFL for shrinking sports streamers and with Disney for folks who would rather watch Marvel TV shows-Disney will cut espn loose if they can make more money focusing on spider-man, the mandalorian and the latest princess movie. (See NASCAR for reference)
There are many schools where football is not profitable and they are subsidized by the university. Their programs may be competitive from time to time and pick up the surprise recruit that everyone expected to attend one of the power schools. In this new era I just don’t see how they can expect to stay viable.