Big 12 game thread: Week 4

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Oct 30, 2007
Interesting week:

My big12 rankings, yes of course these will change as more games are played.

1 ksu drivers seat
2 Baylor hate it but road win
3 TTech 1-0
4 OSU has not played anyone yet but looks good
5 ku yep ku
6 ou better than ut
7 tcu
8 ut. They are back
9 isu
10 wvu

Could flip isu and tcu but isu has conf loss.

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Oct 30, 2007

Time to hit up the Urinal!
After listening to that, you can't tell me the goon fans aren't salty about Riley leaving for USC. Just pathetic.
How? I could not last two minutes listening to those two. Worst voices in radio and then pile on with their absolute stupidity.

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Oct 6, 2012
A couple of Sports Animal tidbits. This week they were discussing with Dean the possibility of OU going 12 -0 this year.
I would expect that from Dean. The problem is Sam Mayes. He was on with Mark Rogers Friday saying that ou's defense is coached too well, they are too good individually and as a unit for Kansas St to score. He later added that oSu has a good athletic department, it's not to the level of ou's but it is a good athletic department. I guess he isn't aware that national championships are important for an athletic department, and we have A LOT more than they do. Sam Mayes is the worst.