Bedlam baseball round 5

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Apr 7, 2006
The atmosphere (crowds) aren't there and neither is the intensity.

I'm hoping that when things really open up (not the current state) you'll see big crowds in Stillwater - which will hopefully lead to getting some big crowds to the more premier games on the schedule.
Mar 17, 2006
Edmond, Ok
Josh made an interesting comment in the post game. Said he won’t play 5 against uo again. Said he’ll play one outside conference’s and three conference and that’s it. Then he made the interesting comment. Said “it’s not what it used to be”.
I agree, five games is too much.
Also, Tuesday night away from campus isn’t going to get the same intensity.


Territorial Marshal
Feb 4, 2004
Are any of the four expected back in time for a possible regional?
According to the radio over the weekend, Scott is done for the year and McLean is not available to pitch for the rest of the year. Standlee is out "for an extended period " and no word on Wrobleski. So, it would likely appear the answer to your question is no to three, and a solid question mark on the fourth. Wizardry.