Baylor Bear Fans in total denial!

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Jun 14, 2011
I hate it when this comes up, because I do think there is a little bit of truth to it when it comes to Tech and the stupid pistol hand gesture. It seems all the old SWC teams had one and I don't remember us ever having one until we joined the BXII, then suddenly we were doing it. The waving song is well documented back 100 years or so, and who really copies Kansas on anything. The horse riding out on the field, sure, we copied that, along with any other school that has anything to do with horses, cowboys, etc. I think there are at least a dozen that do that now, so get in line on the copy factor I guess.

Maybe we need to come up with a new hand gesture like all the SEC teams have in conjunction, the middle finger.
We can call it the inverse horns-up. Then we can complain to the big 12 if anyone does it to us.