Basketball 2021/2022 - Potential Improvements

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Jul 27, 2011
Ice played 33.9 MPG across 24 games and Newton played 7.9 MPG across 11 games.

Newton played 10% of the minutes Ice did and they both shot 18 three's. I think it's safe to say Newton is a more confident shooter than Ice.

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Yeah. It's hard to tell with that sample size though. Newton certainly prefers to shoot more 3's per shot than Ice. We know that much. But if he misses two more of those shots in that small amount of shots, he's 28% shooter. If he makes two more, he's 50% from 3.
Yeah, definitely. I can't speak to his actual ability based on his sample size but he's clearly willing to shoot it.

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Jun 14, 2011
We really need to get Bryce Thompson or the Georgia PG. Avery could become a really good PG but he's not a PG quite yet.

PG- Bryce Thompson? / Ice (he needs to be our 6th man)
SG- Avery Anderson (plays some PG as well) / Keylan Boone
SG- Bryce Williams/ Rondel Walker/ Donovan Williams
F- MAM / Tyreek Smith
C- Kalib Boone/ Kouma

This team really needs a PG as you can see. Ice could be serviceable to backup Avery but Ice played like dogcrap last year. I think Ice could be a great 6th man. His shooting is too limiting but he does other things well. He played ok first round game but 2nd round game was trash. Literally embarassing. Great due I love Ice but he'd probably tell you the same thing. injuries may have played some role but his shooting sucks.

First, since we are talking about the team for next year, I moved the conversation to this thread.

What? First, Thompson isn't a PG and never has been viewed as one. Second, AA is a PG and a pretty good one. Can he play better, of course, but it's asinine to say he isn't a PG. Now if we are talking pure basketball, is more of a combo guard in that he can play the 2 but he needs to work on his assist numbers which is essentially having the game slow down for him.

Likelele needs to work on his shooting. Everyone knows this. Clearly he never fully recovered from his injuries this year and it affected his shot and his confidence.


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Jul 9, 2016
Lawton, OK
Yor Anei back in the transfer portal.

Not saying we’ll welcome him back with a parade but I believe he’ll be a great addition for our team again