Baseball at Kansas

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Feb 4, 2004
And that is how you hand the worst team in the league a win. A D1 pitcher should be able to throw a strike there, at least make them earn it. That was laughable.

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It happens when you blow up two starters, your closer and have not developed any other pitchers in the bullpen.


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Sep 24, 2008
He's about to cry and he thinks now Kansas has an advantage over OSU in recruiting.
Dude has been polishing that KU turd all weekend. Does he even realize they're dead last in the conference?
Yesterday he said if they can limit the damage to 7 here, in the first inning. Like that would be a win.

Talking about intentionally walking 2 guys we have to face for 3 years like it’s going to make them mad. I’m glad we face them for 3 years. They are terrible.

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