Back from the game Saturday

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Jun 26, 2007
Yesterday, I went to a game in Stillwater for the first time in 12 years. It was great to be back at my alma mater! Here are some observations:

1. Stillwater has really grown, especially out on Highway 51 area, west of town
2. Was in awe of the athletic facilities!: Sherman Smith Center, O'brate stadium, and of course, Boone Pickens Stadium.
3. The Jumbotron was awesome. I especially liked the monologue where they had Kurt Russell dressed as a Cowboy(Tombstone?) saying "Im coming and hells coming with me)

4. Number 0 on the OSU defense(Holmes?) had several big time defensive plays. I can see him in the NFL.'
5. Number 85, Bray made some great catches. He is going to be a good player
6. Sanders is an enigma. The kid makes some spectacular plays and then some boneheaded plays. INT was bad, got lucky on the fumble.
7. Rodriguez is a beast on defense. If this kid was 6'2 instead of 5'11, he would be projected as a 1st round pick.
8. Tyler Lacy was awesome as well. Can see him in the League next year.
9. Tay Hill was missed at WR.
10. OLine was pushed around. Dont understand why. Dickey supposed to be a good coach
11. Gundy compensates by keeping Dunn as a great WR coach but loses something in play callling
12. Brown kick return was great to see
13. Warren should be the starter and Richardson his backup
14. Its only a matter of time before Pressley breaks a punt return for TD.
15. Too bad that the coaching staff let Jelani Woods get away. He would have been an asset this game
16. Hurts not having Trace Ford. Need his pass rushing skills
17. All things said, the Pokes are 2-0. Some teams like Ohio State and Florida State cant say that
18. Boise State is going to be a tough game.