Arizona abortion protest: Police release tear gas, lawmakers ‘held hostage’ in Senate building

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Mar 31, 2004
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The Republican Caucus of the State Senate later called the protest an attempted "insurrection."

I’m happy to see that they are starting to understand the word.
Now, if they are worried about insurrection at a state level, just think how incredulous they would be about a larger one at a national level. Umm, err…..


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Jun 18, 2010
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Insurrection was thwarted overnight by the police. Used tear gas as lawmakers were held hostage in the senate building in Arizona. More "peaceful protests" I'm sure are to be expected.

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They have other reasons related to reproductive rights to be unhappy in Arizona. Some Republicans want Griswold v. Connecticut overturned, so sales of all birth control, including condoms can be banned. They feel it must be done because use of birth control displeases God and goes against his will, because He told Noah's family to go forth and replenish the world. Do you also want all birth control banned? Or just the kind of birth control that interferes with the fertilized egg? Other Republicans feel only married women should have legal access to birth control. However, if I'm right, Republicans can't ban birth control drugs if approved by the FDA. But I bet they will try, anyway, to please their religious right constituents. Besides, Republicans will reason that Feds won't stop Oklahoma's legal medical marijuana program, so it won't stop a ban on birth control.

"Ban all birth control," Says Trump-endorsed GOP candidate |
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Dec 10, 2004
Lock them up and put them in a cell right next to all the Jan 6th folks.

Then go out and get all the folks that instigated and organized too…in both cases.

See how easy it is when you aren’t blindly partisan to either side?