Airplane Usage Business vs Personal??

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Jan 6, 2006
Anyone with knowledge or experience that can answer any of the following questions?

It appears that we may be pushing the 50% threshold this year on company airplane usage. If we are over 50% this year, what will that trigger?

Any kind of depreciation recapture?
A flag to the IRS?

Or will it just be noted, and as long as it is a one time occurrence over the course of several years, nothing will happen?

If the flags are raised, what are some ways that we can get the percentage back down in the next 45 days?
Jan 28, 2011
Dallas, TX
Can't help with your question.

However, if you ever have any questions with reconfigurations, or re-rags, I'm sure I could provide an answer, or even assist on the project if you'd like.